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Social Media Agency Course


The Social Media Agency Course will walk you through how I was able to grow the worlds largest IG Marketing Agency to 140+ employees and $6m in yearly revenue in less than 12 months.

What does the course include?

  • Customer Acquisition Channels (Google Ads Campaign, LinkedIn Outreach, Email Followup Sequences & Checkout Abandonment) this contains the exact templates I used across previous businesses.

  • Complete guide on how to grow accounts on Instagram in 2022 include Organic Growth, Targeting Competitors Customers and the Targeting Algorithm that we used to significantly reduce churn.

  • Walkthrough on how to structure the business, recommended payment gateways and the tools we used internally to manage and grow accounts.

  • Airtable Database used to manage clients, as well as track growth and performance of staff.

  • Integromat Scenarios used to send emails, analyse and track results and generally automate as much of the business as possible.

  • 2 one on one consultations directly with me to walk you through and answer any questions/help you getting setup.

The Positives

  • Huge earning potential, 900M+ Active Users, businesses have never been more open to spending marketing budgets on SMM.

  • Have a 6 figure agency in month 1, and easily pull in $10-30k profit per month (There's opportunity to go higher than this, but you will experience diminishing returns, which I experienced first hand.)

  • You can sell to both individuals and B2C.

  • Low Friction to get started and you will experience rapid growth (depending on your ads budget)

  • The acquisition channels are focused around Instagram Follower Growth, however once you establish a relationship with the clients you will find they require all types of SMM/Digital Services (Content, FB Ads, LinkedIn, TikTok and everything else) you can very easily turn this into a full-service agency. I personally never took this route, but it's a very easy opportunity as you will constantly be asked for other services.

The Negatives of this business

  • Social Media Marketing is considered high-risk, you can have trouble getting a good payment gateway in place. I can walk you through all the tools and gateways that we used and how to get around this problem - but it's still something to be aware of. Social Media Marketing is considered a high-risk business.

  • You will need to hire or outsource the work. If you have access to cheap labour in your country, it will be great. Otherwise you can engage with a outsourcing agency, this isn't hard to do it just means an aspect of the business isn't directly under your control (just something to be aware of). I can always help with outsourcing through various contacts I have in the space.

  • Instagram is making it harder and harder to grow accounts, that is both a positive and a negative. People are more desperate for followers than ever, but you're constantly fighting a battle of being one step ahead of Instagram.

Why don't I do this business myself?

  • I have done this business myself, many times over. I feel I have drained all of the growth/learnings that this industry can offer me and I'm interested to pursue other ventures - however, that doesn't mean there's not an opportunity for some other young and hungry entrepreneur to make a LOT of money here.

  • I exited my last SMM business in this niche with 140 employees. I was originally planning to grow out multiple SMMAs and sell them at $20k revenue or so, but again it just offers no personal development for me. I would much rather create this course once, I earn a passive income and provide a bit of support in a slack group rather than needing to constantly setup, grow and broker new deals to sell startups.

What will you need to get started?

  • You need a budget to spend on Ads as that will be the primary growth channel. A few thousand dollars is enough to start with, but the more you have, the faster you will growth (obviously).

  • You also need a budget to actually pay salaries for your team to do the work yourself, or actually outsource the work to someone else.

  • You will need to be able to access a payment gateway (such as Stripe), PayPal will not work, they don't allow Social Media Marketing.

  • You will need to be willing to put in the work, again this isn't a get rich quick scheme. It's a business opportunity for hungry entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the hours.


ORDER LIMIT IS CAPPED AT 10 TO AVOID DILUTING THE MARKETING/OPPORTUNITY HERE. If 100 people end up setting up the exact same business using the same acquisition channels, it simply will not work.

In the event we don't achieve 10 orders, all pending orders will be cancelled/refunded.

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Social Media Agency Course

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