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A lot more goes on behind the scenes than what I can share on Youtube 😉 What I share on youtube only scratches the surface of what takes place behind the scenes. A few recent projects we have successfully implemented

- Automated Bumble Farm on 400 Devices (Automated Swiping, Messaging with GPT3, remote control of mobile devices from a computer, automatically re-adding in Bio's when removed)
- TikTok Camera Spoofing. Tricking TikTok into believing we are recording through the iPhone Camera (Similar to OBS Virtual Camera) however this is being manipulated and we're able to mass re-upload content with TikTok believing this was shot through the iPhone Camera. This also works for pre-recorded livestreams.

What's the difference between this and a course?
The courses lay out the foundational marketing strategies that we use day to drive to drive massive growth for our OnlyFans Creators. But it's designed in a way that it fits everyone. The coaching is personal, I will seek to understand your business, current situation, resources, skill-set and we will tailor make a strategy to fit your goals and requirements.

Will you hold anything back?

No information will be held back in these calls, you're paying me for my time to give you the best possible advice that I can.

Will you handle implementation?

If there's quickly things you need help with (A Integromat Scenario/Airtable Issue) I'm happy to help fix them 45 minute calls. For implementation of marketing strategies, it's not included. I will direct you on what needs to be done and can put you in touch with developers/freelancers/people we've worked with if required.

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OnlyFans Coaching

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